The Revel Group is a Real Estate Development Company specializing in historic and urban property redevelopment with an emphasis on the downtown area of San Antonio, Texas.
The company, founded by Tony Bradfield in 1995, is once again under his sole ownership and guidance. He is as committed as ever to revitalizing underused properties so they may be put back into use as vibrant and productive projects, and proud to be a part of the renaissance that the area is currently experiencing.  If you have not partaken of late, we invite you to revel in the delights of our city’s downtown.
Together with our other friends who also share our passion for downtown, we strive to give back to our community both literally and figuratively. We believe that the state of the buildings is an indicator of the state of mind of the inhabitants. We believe our city reflects its opinions about itself  in its downtown buildings just as we do individually with our homes.  This is why we have focused on the downtown.  We think that ripple effects happen from the center and so our dollars are invested both in brick and mortar as well as people and the future…
… because the bricks of yesterday -repaired today- protect our tomorrows.
San Antonio is a remarkable city… discover for yourself, what it has to offer.